Bellevue MOMS Clubs Offer Support To Local At Home Moms

By Betsy Thorpe

MOMS CLUB Moms Offering Moms Support

A support group designed for moms who are interested in the world around them and are proud of making the choice to be at-home mothers.

Bellevue MOMS North Club: Kate Scott, Destiny Smith, Laurie Cook, Abby Harris, Stephanie Nichols

The MOMS Club
is an international non-profit organization and community volunteer group, founded in 1983 by Mary James a California stay at home mom who wanted to meet other at home moms and find other at home children for her children to play with.

The MOMS Bellevue chapter was first established in 1999. Later to meet the needs of the growing community the chapter split, creating two Bellevue “sister” chapters. The two groups, called MOMS Bellevue North Club and MOMS Bellevue South Club are geographically divided with Highway 70S as their boundary.

The two groups meet separately every week for playgroups and other activities and they are also involved in community volunteer work. Last year the MOMS Bellevue North Club participated in “The Race For The Cure” to help raise money for breast cancer research and they provided school supplies for local children in need. The two groups also donate to the Mom To Mom Fund, a fund sponsored by the MOMS Club to assist MOMS who are facing “tough times”.

Both clubs welcome new members. Anyone interested in learning more about the organization or to request membership information should call 615.417.1680 (North) or 615.730.9641 (South).


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