Service Of Nashville’s Namesake Ship Will Be Remembered In Ceremony, July 7th

By Betsy Thorpe

On June 12, The USS Nashville returned home to Norfolk Virginia for the final time, ending a five-month good-will deployment along the coast of West Africa. During its 39 years of service the Nashville was involved in many important missions including one in 2006, when after tensions arose in Lebanon the ship was utilized to evacuate 2,706 Americans.

The Nashville’s final deployment to six African ports was peaceful. At each stop the ship hosted classes in maritime safety and security. More than 1,700 African participated in the classes. In Lagos, Nigeria, more than 40 members of the ships crew ran in a 5K “Run for the Cure” to raise money in the fight against breast cancer. In Ghana, sailors played soccer against a local team and helped with local beach clean-up. Throughout the five month deployment the ships crew distributed 235 pallets of humanitarian aid and supplies.

On July 7th Metro Councilman Jason Holleman will issue a city Proclamation commemorating the service of the city’s namesake ship and acknowledging the service of West Nashville Native OS 3 Reilly Mealer who served on the ship during her final deployment.

The declaration of the proclamation will take place at 4:30 pm on July 7 at the Shoney’s restaurant on Highway 70 S. The event will be attended by honored guest Reilly Mealer, several members of the Nashville city council, a color guard from the local Naval Reserves unit and one Navy veteran who served on the previous USS Nashville during World War II. A reception will follow the reading of the proclamation. The event is open to the public.

For more information please call 615 480-4396.


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