Final Presentation Of The Good Food Film Festival To Show At The Warner Parks Nature Center On July 21

By Betsy Thorpe

Good Food Film Festival Organizers, Shayne Wingo and Martha Stamps, With John Edgerton Author Of Two Southern Food Cookbooks Following The Film Festival On July 7th 2009

On Tuesday July 21 the last of six set of films in The Good Food Film Festival will show at the Warner Parks Nature Center.

Shayne Wingo, whose wife Nashville chef Martha Stamps promotes the production and use of local and sustainably grown agriculture, was inspired to organize the festival after viewing the documentary King Corn last fall. “I wanted everyone to see it” Wingo stated. By working with local farmer and food justice advocate Sean Siple to select the series of films for the festival Shayne Wingo hoped to provide the public with information regarding the benefits and importance of utilizing local and sustainably grown food. Wingo said ” I’m not that well spoken, That’s why I like the films, they say it well”. He added “Its up to us, me and you. No one is going to do it for us. Every time you buy something your voting. Educate yourself and share that knowledge with others. Together we can make the world a better place.”

Media That Matters brings the Good Food Festival’s final evening of entertainment and discussion with a collection of shorts on food and sustainability. The short films range from a section of the highly acclaimed film, The Future of Food, to European animations with a message. The festival’s final evening will be entertaining and free flowing, and guests are encouraged to bring food and refreshments to share.
Tuesday nights Good Food Film Festival starts at 6:30 pm.


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