Job Of Arc Reflections on Pedophilia and Intergenerational Abuse Review

By Betsy Thorpe
There once was a woman who lived in the land Gaia and her name was Job. While all who knew her agreed that her judgement erred on the side of Grace and Love, making her by no means blameless for things that followed, she had lived her life trying to be faithful to her calling and her God. And by birth, or adoption, or fostering, or marriage seven sons and three daughters had been mothered by her.

“This is not a book for the faint-hearted. It is in many ways, a love story, but it is heavy going.”
Martha Hickman

Job Of Arc is the story of Sophia Ruah, a woman who dreamed of owning a home in the country, where she would foster, nurture and protect as many wounded and displaced children as the system would allow. Her designation as a minister and her employment with the state’s Children’s Protective Services gave her the credibility and means to realize her dream.

After marrying a “a bright, compassionate, attractive man” and purchasing a secluded country home that she christened “The Refuge” Sophia Ruah believed she had established a loving and strong family unit and a safe haven for her three adopted sons. However, a shocking revelation soon shattered and destroyed the life Sophia thought she was living.

Writing under the pseudonym Sophia Ruah, the author of Job Of Arc offers an honest and revealing account of how the actions of one pedophile can threaten and destroy an entire family. Ruah also recounts her battle with the state’s Children Protective Services and how she had to make a difficult decision regarding her beloved church.

A true story that is often painful to read, Job Of Arc is not only the story of acute betrayal and loss it is also the story of the slow and healing nature of forgiveness and redemption.

Today the author continues to live at The Refuge with her youngest son. She is a partner in a successful all women owned business and is an active member of her church and community.

Job Of Arc is published by the Nashville publishing company, Published By Westview and is available here for online purchase.

The book also includes an intensive study guide to help readers acquire a deeper understanding of the effects of, and responses to, pedophilia and intergenerational abuse.


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