Mayor Karl Dean To Tour Stormwater Project

Mayor Karl Dean, Clean Water Infrastructure Program -“investment necessary to ensure safe, clean water.”
February 6, 2009

Tomorrow morning (August 18) Mayor Karl Dean will tour two of the first major stormwater projects underway through the Clean Water Infrastructure Program (CWIP).

Dean will join District 7 Councilman Erik Cole at the corner of Northview and Cahal avenues in the Inglewood neighborhood at 10:30 a.m. and then travel a short distance to 2930 Glenmeade Drive. Staff from Metro Water Services will be on hand at both locations to explain the stormwater issues in those areas and how the capital projects already underway will solve them.

Metro Council approved the mayor’s Clean Water Infrastructure Program in mid March of this year. The first stormwater capital improvement projects under the program were started in early July. The program will fund $50 million in stormwater projects over the next five years, as well as the ongoing operation and maintenance of Metro’s Stormwater Management Program.

Stormwater management is critical to control flooding and pollution caused from runoff from rain and snow. Prior to CWIP, Metro did not have sufficient funds for stormwater capital improvement projects, such as the installation of ditches and culverts to direct runoff away from roadways and yards.


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