Friday Night Lights Will Shine Bright At Creek Wood High School

The highly anticipated football game between the Creek Wood Red Hawks and the Dickson County High School Cougars will takes place this Friday night at the Creek Wood Stadium. Known as the Week Zero Game, Friday nights match up will be the first time two county teams have met as rivals in 38 years.

Thousands of Red Hawk and Cougar fans are expected to attend the historic game. Creek Wood is prepared to host the large crowd, 18 extra rows of bleachers were brought in from other schools, and additional concession stands were added. Shuttle busses from Dickson High and William James Middle School will be on hand to transport fans to and from the game. Creek Wood principal Janie Jones hopes the local National Guard unit will be available to provide assistance with parking at the stadium.

Devin Guthrie, Cougar quarterback and linebacker was surprised by Coach Joey Holley’s announcement that their team would be facing the Red Hawks this year. “The coaches said we would never play Creek Wood. Then coach Holley came in and told us we were going to play them. It was surprising, but I’m excited about it, can’t wait to get on the field against them.”

Kick off is at 7 pm. For more information on the game or for the shuttle busses locations and schedules, call Creek Wood High School at 615 740 6000.

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