Kathleen Starnes, Chairman Of Davidson County Republican Party Speaks To Bellevue Republican Breakfast Club

Kathleen Starnes points out the various districts the Davidson County Republican Party wants to connect with at the grassroots level.

On September 5, Davidson County Republican Party Chair, Kathleen Starnes addressed the Bellevue Republican Breakfast Club.

Starnes who was elected Party Chair last April, said she enjoys being part of the political process and plans to do all she can to advance the cause “of limited government, low taxes, free enterprise, individual liberty and responsibility.” Reminding the group that it is critical for their Party to win in 2010 she said the current focus of the Davidson County Republican Party is to raise up and support candidates who will stand for the party’s ideals and bring them to bear in public policy. To help achieve this goal Ms. Starnes presented the group with a plan of action to connect to various districts in Davidson County at a grass roots level.

The Bellevue Republican Breakfast Club meets on the first Saturday of each month in the private dining room of Shoney’s on Highway 70s. The meeting starts at 8am and is open to the public. Interested parties are encouraged to attend.


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