Tennessee Democratic Party Chair Calls On Republicans To Condemn Wilson Outburst

Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester, August 29, 2009

NASHVILLE – Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman Chip Forrester wants to know if the state’s Republican Congressional House delegation agrees with fellow House member Congressman Joe Wilson who called the president a liar during a speech before Congress on Wednesday night.

“Calling the president a liar on national television while he is addressing a serious issue is typical behavior for the far-right fringe,” Forrester said. “The adults in the room want to have a rational, civil debate about health-care reform while the undisciplined juveniles want to throw a temper tantrum.

“The president plainly laid out what he wanted in health-care reform, and it contained reforms supported by both Republicans and Democrats. Despite that, you still have some obviously bent on stopping any change in how health care is delivered in America.”

Wilson of South Carolina shouted, “You lie” when President Obama denied that proposed health-care legislation would provide free health coverage for illegal immigrants. Obama also dispelled allegations that proposed legislation contained government-funded abortions and “death panels” charged with denying senior citizens health care.

Forrester called on U.S. Reps. Phil Roe, Zach Wamp, John Duncan and Marsha Blackburn to condemn publicly the South Carolina congressman’s outburst.

“This country faces real problems, and we need serious, deliberative leaders to address them. Not a bunch of hotheads who only want to stop the debate because of purely partisan politics,” Forrester said.

“This is not a game. Health-care costs are spiraling out of control and could be a detriment to future economic gains in this country. Both sides of the aisle need to stop bickering, roll up their sleeves and resolve this problem now.

“Tennesseans should also call on neoconservative political pundits like Steve Gill, Phil Valentine and Michael DelGiorno to stop their inflammatory rhetoric, as well. Scaring people into irrational thought and behavior is a dangerous game with serious consequences,” he added.

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