Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey Wins Gubernatorial Straw Poll Held At Tennessee State Fair

Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey With Members Of The Bellevue Republican Breakfast Club, August 1st, 2009

Lieutenant Governor Ron Ramsey won the gubernatorial Straw Poll conducted by the Davidson County Republican Party and the Davidson County Young Republicans during The Tennessee State Fair held September 11-20 in Nashville, TN. The Straw Poll asked voters who they would choose as the Republican nominee for governor among the currently announced candidates of:

Bill Gibbons
Bill Haslam
Joe Kirkpatrick
Ron Ramsey
Zach Wamp

Ramsey won 42 percent of the vote while Bill Haslam and Zach Wamp were tied at 25 percent. Bill Gibbons had five percent of the vote and Joe Kirkpatrick three percent. In a previous Straw Poll conducted July 11 by the DCRP, Lt. Gov. Ramsey and Congressman Wamp were tied for the GOP gubernatorial nomination.

Tim Lee, Vice Chair of the Davidson County Young Republicans, said a total of 64 persons voted in the Straw Poll. He attributed the low participation to a “lack of knowledge” about the candidates rather than a lack of interest. “We signed up 51 persons interested in having more information about the Republican party. If all of those had voted, our polling count would have been much higher.”


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