The Charades one of Nashville’s first Rock Combos were managed by One Eyed Jacks (H. Jackson Brown) and later by Tony Moon). Their biggest hit was San Bernadino (written by Bill Davidson.) They were signed to Epic Records, with their first single being “Yellow Brick Road”. More information on Nashville’s early Rock and Rock Roll history is available here.

Two of Nashville’s favorite bands from the 60’s, The Original Charades and The Exotics return for the 12th time to the Mercy Lounge on Friday, October 2, 2009. 8PM $15.00 Cover.
Exotics: Glenn Crowell, Bass; Billy Adair, Guitar; Loy Hardcastle, Drums, Jeff Cook, Keyboard and Robert Early & Steve Smartt, Horns
Charades: Jim Ragland, Bass; Jerry Smith, Guitar; Alan Stoker, Drums; Owsley Manier, Keyboards; Peyton Hoge and Allen Tanksley, Vocals
Go here to see Chip Curley’s Pictures of the 11th Reunion.

This is an amazing opportunity to slip back in time.


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