"Authorized Bootleg" A New Release By The Kentucky Headhunters Now Available

The Kentucky Headhunters

October 2009 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the multi-platinum, Grammy award winning LP, “Pickin’ On Nashville,” The Kentucky Headhunters 1st release on Mercury records. To celebrate, The Heads have started to dig through their treasure chest of 40 plus years of archives with several releases planned over the next year. Blues, rock, southern whatcha may call it, is all coming your way!!!

The 1st release, “AUTHORIZED BOOTLEG” via Universal, hit your favorite music outlet on Sept. 22nd, 2009. Recorded May 13th, 1990 by the original line-up at the legendary Agora Ballroom in Cleveland Ohio, the recording contains all the 1st album, plus several surprises presented the way the Heads always have….delight to those who know their music, and shock and awe to those experiencing it for the 1st time.

Go to Amazon to order the Headhunter’s “AUTHORIZED BOOTLEG”


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