Red Cross Babysitting Training Available In Middle Tennessee

To help keep children of all ages safer in Middle Tennessee, is proud to offer the updated Babysitter’s Training course from the American Red Cross. This class is offered each month at the Fairview Recreation Complex. On-site training is another recent trend individuals who want to serve their communities, church organizers, and other groups are hosting the training at their locations. This important class gives youth ages 11 to 15, the skills and confidence to be great babysitters.

“Our goal is to create a safe and supportive community for families,” said Cyndea Wendell. “When parents hire trained babysitters who know how to provide proper child care and handle emergencies, their children are safer and so are our babysitters.”

The Red Cross Babysitter’s Training course is a great way for young people to build self-esteem and develop leadership, decision-making and communication skills; as well as give them a meaningful way to earn money.

As a part of the course fee of $50.00, participants will receive newly revised training materials, including the Babysitter’s Training Handbook, with information to use in class and on the job; an Emergency Reference Guide that provides step-by-step instructions to handle common emergencies; and a CD-ROM that includes tools such as a printable activity booklet with games, songs and recipes, resume and business card templates and more.

Go here for more information on hosting your own class for babysitters in your area, or to register for the next Babysitter’s Training class at the Fairview Recreation Complex.


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