The Stone Barn; a Reminiscence By Craig Bickhardt At Ninety Mile Wind

When I first read the “Stone Barn a Reminiscence” the easy flow of Craig Bickhardt’s words were repeatedly interrupted as buried memories of youthful days spent in an old Oregon farmhouse flooded my conciseness.

After reading “The Stone Barn” I felt sad, nostalgic. and aged. I mourned the destruction of a historic building in faraway Pennsylvania, I grieved the passing of an era and my heart cried out at my inability to recapture the mystical magical aura of my youth.

Craig Bickhardt is an extraordinary songwriter and a gifted and powerful storyteller. To read a collection of articles and stories by Craig Bickhardt please visit his interesting and thoughtful,blog Ninety Mile Wind.

Thank you,
Betsy Thorpe

The Stone Barn; a Reminiscence
By Craig Bickhardt

“Music from Big Pink” was an inauspicious LP, selling only moderately to some Dylan fans who hadn’t deserted him after Newport. The group of musicians that made the LP didn’t have a name. They were simply refered to in some villifying reviews as “the band that accompanied Dylan”. Pete Seeger had been appalled by them, but “Big Pink” was a landmark record for many of us. It was followed soon after by an even better record humbly titled “The Band”. By that time they’d earned no less, nor more, of a name.

The Band influenced me and some friends to start our own group and rent a house like Big Pink where we could woodshed. It just seemed like the thing to do even though we had little money to keep up the lease. The old Heyburn farm became our home for 18 months. The property was located near Chads Ford, PA a couple of miles from where Andy Wyeth painted. It was a big place– six bedrooms, plus an attic, two living rooms, a mudroom, kitchen and upper level porch. I used to sit on that porch sometimes when the moon was full and write or sing until dawn. The fields and woods behind the house sang back to me with ciccadas, owls and other wildlife.

Go here to read “The Stone Barn ; a Reminiscence” by Craig Bickhardt in its entirety.


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