Journey To The Son; a “motherless daughter’s” perilous yet triumphant quest for motherhood ,book signing event, October 8, 2009

“Journey To The Son,” a “Momoir” and its companion CD follow a “motherless daughter’s” perilous yet triumphant quest for motherhood and her first 12 months as a new parent.

As a young girl growing up in Nashville, Lauren Braddock Havey, the daughter of legendary songwriter Bobby Braddock, dreamed of her own artistic pursuits: singing, acting, and penning her own music. But one of her greatest dreams in life was to have a baby and be a parent someday. As the “someday” crept up and became her reality, Lauren and her husband Jim received the disheartening news that they were unable to conceive a baby unless they pursued in vitro fertilization, an expensive and uncertain alternative. Lauren’s memoir, A Journey to the Son follows Lauren and Jim as they make the brave decision to go through the in vitro process and the white-knuckle journey that ensues. She has also created a truly unique “folk-rock opera” concept album of the same name to be released concurrently with the book (sold separately).

Lauren will appear at Davis-Kidd Nashville for a book and CD signing on Thursday, October 8, at 7 PM. Lauren will give dramatic readings from the book and be joined by Grammy-winner Don Henry, her producer and album co-writer, to perform songs from the books companion CD.

Lauren and Don will also appear and perform at Southern Festival of Books on Sunday, October 11 at 1 PM in Room 29 at War Memorial when Lauren is introduced as a featured speaker by award-winning Southern author, John Egerton.

Lauren has created a masterful memoir of self-discovery and the power of family. Readers will be touched and united by her experience of what is a decidedly challenging journey, one that is almost tragically derailed), but which ends happily and triumphantly on the baby’s first birthday.

A Journey to the Son transcends the genre of reproduction literature. Lauren shares the rigors of her experiences, the weighty subject matter broached in just the right places by the author’s tongue-in-cheek manner, as she delivers amusing observations and anecdotes, and fun chapter titles such as “The Waiting Womb,” “Breast Intentions,” and “Spit Happens”.

Lauren’s engaging wit and honesty pulls readers in, making her story more than a memoir of fertility treatments, complications, and trauma—Lauren’s story is a celebration of life. “Mine is an against-all-odds story of hope,” she says. “I want people to come away from it with a belief in miracles —or magic or good luck—and have a renewed sense of optimism.”

Alice Randall, best-selling author of The Wind Done Gone, comments, “Lauren Braddock (Havey) is a great artist. She turns the chaos of infertility land and at-risk pregnancy land into a story that inspires and astounds. Lauren’s quirky intelligence and deeply rooted joy transform this difficult journey into a wise and jagged smile of a tale…”

Lauren Braddock Havey lives in Pegram Tennessee with Jim Havey, her husband of eleven years, and their young son. Lauren authors the blog ” Mud Mamma” an online publication where she offers the quirky views and opinions of a “watered down Earth Mother.”


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