Mayor to kickoff Walk Nashville Week with start of Mayor’s Monthly Walk

Mayor Karl Dean is kicking off Walk Nashville Week with the start of a Mayor’s Monthly Walk on Monday, October 5. Dean will lead a walk through downtown starting at noon on the steps of the Metro Courthouse.

Monday’s walk will be the first of a regular walk the mayor will lead in different neighborhoods in Nashville every month to promote walking as both a healthy and sustainable activity. “In the spirit of Walk Nashville Week, we are going to encourage our citizens to walk throughout the year,” Dean said. “It’s an opportunity to highlight our greenways and sidewalks, which we continue to improve and expand. But the ultimate goal is to show how walking is a great way to get exercise and live a healthier life.”

The Mayor’s Monthly Walk is open to all citizens. Members of the mayor’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee and Healthy Nashville Leadership Council are expected to participate in the inaugural walk this Monday.

For more information on The Mayor’s Monthly Walk including the locations and times of the walks will visit

Walk Nashville Week is October 3-9.


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