Former First Lady Laura Bush To Visit Nashville October 15

First Lady Laura Bush at the Presentation of the 2007 Preserve America Grants

On Thursday, October 15, Mrs. Laura W. Bush will speak at an event held during the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s week-long National Preservation Conference in Nashville. Mrs. Bush, a long-time preservationist, will address the Advocacy Luncheon on Thursday, October 15th at 12 noon. John Nau, Chairman of the federal Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, will also speak. This is a ticketed event, but members of the media are invited to attend.

Mrs. Laura W. Bush is a true champion of preservation. As First Lady of her native Texas, Mrs. Bush was a strong and highly visible supporter of award-winning efforts to save the state’s courthouses and revitalize its Main Streets. As First Lady of the United States for eight years, she played the same kind of leadership role. Mrs. Bush’s expansive vision was instrumental in the creation of Preserve America, one of the most far-reaching federal preservation initiatives ever launched in this country. The program has officially designated more than 700 Preserve America communities, established a $7.5 million grant program and convened a White House-sponsored summit in a sweeping effort to save our nation’s heritage. As honorary chair of Preserve America, Mrs. Bush crisscrossed the country, publicly and personally reaffirming the importance of saving historic places.

The longtime former chairman of the Texas Historical Commission, John Nau was appointed chairman of the Advisory Council on Historic Preservation by President George W. Bush in 2001. John Nau’s leadership was essential to the implementation of Preserve America and, together with Mrs. Bush, Nau is credited with guiding the widespread and influential preservation initiative.


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