Local Percussion Band, "Nature’s Drummer" Part Of ARTDOC’s Fundraiser

ARTDOCS is a new nonprofit organization providing healthcare for Nashville performers, musicians, writers and visual artists without health insurance. Primary care office visits will be provided at no charge at the Meharry Family Medicine Clinic—labs, simple x-rays and administrative fees that will be paid for by funds raised at the ARTDOCS Annual fundraiser.

ARTDOCS NASHVILLE (Artists Receiving Treatment Doctors Offering Crucial Services) is a new 501c3 charitable organization in Nashville offering no-cost medical services for artists without health insurance. ARTDOCS was founded in New Orleans in 1999 by art gallery owner Jonathan Ferrara, Vincent Morelli and a group of physicians and volunteers. ARTDOCS NASHVILLE is the first ARTDOCS outside of New Orleans.

On October 15 ARTDOCS Nashville, held the first annual URBAN ARTS BIZARRE in the Arcade, located in Nashivlle’s 5th Street Historic District to raise money to cover health care costs for Nashville’s uninsured visual artists and muscians.

For more information on ArtDocs or to schedule a medical appointment at Meharry Medical Center, call 327-6661.


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