October A Busy Month For Author Lauren Braddock Havey

By Betsy Thorpe

Author Lauren Braddock Havey with her father Bobby Braddock,her husband Jim Havey and her son “Little Man” (the inspiration for her book “A Journey To The Son”) at the Davis Kidd book signing event in Nashville, October 8, 2009

On October 7th after “years of work” on her “Momoir,” author Lauren Braddock Havey received the first printed editions of her book, “A Journey To The Son.” On October 8th at Davis Kidd, Nashville’s author friendly book store, Ms. Braddock-Havey presented a reading of her new book to a standing room only crowd that included New York Times best selling author Alice Randall and John Egerton the renowned author of several books on Nashville history and on Southern cooking. Grammy winner Don Henry, co-writer and producer of “A Journey To The Son’s” companion CD accompanied Lauren in a live performance of several of the CD’s songs. On October 11th she gave a reading of “A Journey To The Son” at the “Southern Festival Of Books” an annual Nashville event that brings authors and book lovers together to meet and celebrate the written word. The following weekend Lauren took her book and CD on the road for a signing event at Charis, Atlanta’s ultra-hip feminist book store.

Employing humor and well crafted phrases Lauren Braddock Havey recalls the obstacles, and trials she encountered in her quest for motherhood. Winning the battle with infertility by a successful invitro fertilization, assigned to months of bed rest and diagnosed with gall stones, Lauren finally gave birth, however immediatley following her son’s delivery she almost died in a rare obstetric emergency called an Amniotic Fluid Embolism. Thankfully the story did not end there, “A Journey To The Son” continues with the reader experiencing the joy surrounding Lauren’s son’s first birthday.

The clever song titles on the book’s companion CD, taken from the book’s chapter titles include “The Waiting Womb,” “Thinking Positive”, Grounded and Stoned,” (addressing 5 months bed rest and having gallstones while pregnant), “Spit Happens” and “Breast Intentions”. Lauren came by her quirky and intelligent way with words naturally, her father who co-wrote the recent #1 country hit song “People Are Crazy” is Nashville’s legendary songwriter Bobby Braddock.

Lauren Braddock Havey who said she wrote “A Journey To The Son” in part “to help others who are going through similar circumstances, be it fertility treatments, difficult pregnancy and delivery and new parenthood in general.” She also stated that she is “happy to be connecting with the newly launched AFE Foundation, founded by another amniotic fluid embolism survivor, Miranda Klassen. There are many questions to be answered about the usually fatal complication that we were so lucky to have survived.” She also said she plans to stage “A Journey To The Son” as a musical with the projects co-writer and producer Don Henry.

“A Journey To The Son,” published by Two Harbors Press is available in Nashville at Davis Kidd book store and globally at ajourneytotheson.com and Lauren’s 2002 CD release “Lauren Braddock” is available for purchase at CDBaby.com


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