The Covenant Women, A Book About Bible Women For Modern Women

By Betsy Thorpe

By examining the lessons of biblical women, both their triumphs and grave mistakes we may gain insight into how to live today as godly women, whether fulfilling our roles in the home the workplace, the church, or the community. I’m delighted that Nancy Allen has provide this remarkable resource for modern women. Twenty-first century women need such a study to see how to apply timeless truths to our relationships with God, with others, and with ourselves.”
Marsha Blackburn
House Of Representatives
Serving The 7th District Of Tennessee

“The Covenant Women” by Nancy Evelyn Allen, is a two volume set of books that lists and explores the roles of every woman referenced in the Bible’s Old and New Testaments. The set also includes a comprehensive companion study guide. “The Covenant Women’s” intent is not to disparage men, but to show how God’s plan brings women face to face with men in parallel equality, a reciprocal oneness first initiated by God when He created Eve and placed her in front of Adam. Woman first came from man and after that all of mankind was and is, born of women.

“The Covenant Women’s” first volume examines how from the onset of the scriptures the first women in the Old Testament laid the foundation for all of mankind to encounter and embrace Him in relationship and declare their love for Him. It was through those early women that the worlds nations were formed and established. The second volume explores the women of the New Testament. Both volumes address how through the actions of His chosen women the promise of God was given and fulfilled.

Grouping women together to familiarize the reader with to the times and circumstances from which the Biblical women lived and functioned each chapter also provides a concise 21st century perspective. Citing several examples of what would now be considered gender role reversals the author concludes how male and female roles are not dictated by God but by cultural norms and the needs that arise within a specific culture.

From “In The Image Of God” to “Consummated” the accompanying study guide includes thirty two informative and meaningful lesson plans. Designed for the instruction of groups and individuals, the author hopes the readers will be empowered to be 21st century Covenant women.

Nancy Evelyn Allen lives in Nashville Tennessee, and is the published author of numerous articles and short stories. In 2007 and 2008 “The Covenant Women” won awards at North Carolina’s annual Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Women’s Conference.

Published in Nashville at Published By Westview a woman owned operated local business, “The Covenant Women” is available here for online purchase. “The Covenant Women” can be purchased as a set or each volume and the companion study guide can be purchased separately.


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