Firestone Christmas Memories

This Firestone Christmas album, recorded in 1964, evokes many magical memories of happy holidays past. Memories of my family gathered around our tree, Mom, Dad, Randy Nick and me. My beloved Grandmother, my Grandfather and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins all in one place exchanging gifts and opinions.

Hot chocolate topped with marshmallows served in ceramic Santa face mugs, water chestnuts broiled and wrapped in bacon, fudgey cake topped with hard white icing, and sprinkled with peppermint, warm bean soup, glazed walnuts, jello salad, a three layer sandwich loaf frosted with cream cheese

Stockings hanging on the fireplace, a well worn dream inspiring Sears Christmas catalog, phone calls from the North Pole, red flannel nightgowns, comparing gifts with friends and always on the console stereo a vinyl record playing Christmas carols presented to us, by Firestone.

Thank you Firestone for providing such a lovely soundtrack for my childhood memories and thank you Mom for establishing the Christmas traditions still cherished by our family today.


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