Faith Family Medical Clinic Offers Quality Medical Services To Nashville’s Working Uninsured

Family Faith Medical Center Nurse Practitioner Liz Threlkeld Cares For A Patient

By Betsy Thorpe

Faith Family Medical Clinic is a primary care medical facility where dedicated physicians and nurse practitioners serve Nashville’s uninsured working people (and their families) by emphasizing the importance of the health and healing of the whole person, physically, emotionally and spiritually. By offering low cost primary care, the clinic allows patients to seek out medical care at the onset of any problems allowing treatment to begin early, rather than after their conditions have become more serious or complicated.

The Faith Family Medical Clinic was founded by Nashville physicians Dr. David Gaw and Dr. John Lamb. The facility was modeled after the Church Health Clinic in Memphis. With Baptist Hospital’s Board of Directors agreeing to provide the rent-free use of a freestanding medical office building on 21st Avenue North, The Family Faith Family Medical Center opened it’s doors on October 8, 2001.

The clinic, funded in part through private donations relies heavily on support from the Tennessee Department of Health, an agency that recently announced budget cuts that could possibly eliminate the four million dollars used to help fund community clinics throughout the state. By offering affordable health care to patients who don’t have health insurance clinics like Faith Family Medical Clinic offer a vital service to their community and if the budget cuts are approved, more support from the private sector will be necessary in order for them to continue to care for the uninsured.

For information on how to help support the Family Faith Medical Center please contact Executive Director, Laura Hobson at 615-341-0808.


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