Nashville Landmark Engulfed In Flames, December 25, 1961

This clipping from an unidentified World War II era magazine relates “Historical Data of The Maxwell House Hotel.”
(Click on the image to enlarge the text)

On Christmas night in 1961 a fire destroyed the historic Maxwell House Hotel, a building that was one of Nashville’s most famous landmarks. On December 26th the Nashville Banner reported that ” Roaring flames ate through the roof of this century old building.” The Banner article also stated that “Clouds of orange tinted smoke belched through the slits in roof, engulfing the entire downtown area in a blinding fire fed fog.”

The December 26th 1961 Banner article titled “Maxwell House Burns, relates a brief history of the Maxwell House Hotel. The article written Ed Huddleston is included in the December 2009 issue of the Nashville Retrospect.

Go here to view a Brief Pictorial History of the Maxwell House Hotel


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