Nashville Rescue Mission’s "Cold Patrol" Will Work Throughout The Night

Nashville Rescue Mission Sends Out the Cold Patrol

For local school children the cold winter front and icy conditions means they get to stay home and enjoy “snow days,” however to Nashville’s homeless population the frigid inclement weather is hazardous and sometimes fatal. At least four people have died of hypothermia on the streets of Nashville since Monday night. This is why the Nashville Rescue Mission journeys out on cold nights with the “Cold Patrol” to encourage men, women and children to come in from the harsh elements. “We really hate the thought of the homeless sleeping on the streets, on grates or on church steps. We want people sleeping in beds,” said Director of Transient Services, Ed Grimes. According to the The Metro Homeless Commission there are more 4,000 people currently living on the streets Nashville and with many those people either unwilling or unable to go to a shelter the dedicated volunteers of the “Cold Patrol” offer them life saving services.

Go here to find out more about the Nashville Rescue Mission.


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