Shoney’s Company Server Teresa Cline Remembered By Co-Workers, Family And Friends

Shoney’s supervisors from 1976 to present came to show their respect for Teresa Cline, pictured at her memorial service on January 2nd, are Eric Prirtle , Don Mc Wright, Larry Bowles, Bob Hartung,, Wayne Lady, Ronnie Stinson, not pictured but present, former supervisors, Glenn Gossard and Steve Hopkins and her current supervisors, Barry Hesse and Bart Pickard

By Betsy Thorpe

On December 29th, Shoney’s lost a loyal and valued employee when veteran server Teresa Cline unexpectedly passed away in her home from an apparent heart attack. Starting to work for Shoney’s on August 8th 1973 at the age of 16, Teresa spent her first years with company at the store once located
on Murphy Road and at the store situated on White Bridge Road, however, she is most remembered by past patrons of the former Belle Meade store and by the many frequent customers she served in Bellevue, a store she helped open more than 12 years ago and where she was employed at the time of her death.

Teresa Cline’s memorial service was held on January 2nd. Her life and service to Shoney’s Company was celebrated by many former and current co-workers and members of management who with her family joined numerous restaurant patrons to remember Teresa as a friend and loved one who brought joy to those who new her best and who offered a welcoming smile to strangers. She will be missed.


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