Show Features Unique Blend of Sculpting and Painting

Local husband and wife artists Aaron and Michelle Grayum will bring their dazzling parade of clowns, circus tents and whimsical creatures to Crema Coffee for their Circus of the Umbrella art show. An artists’ reception will be held at Crema on Friday, January 22 at 7pm, and the show will run through February 27. A portion of sales will be donated to the Wonderful Life Foundation as well as to Haitian Relief Efforts.

Circus of the Umbrella, a fanciful ode to the high-flying magic and splendor of the circus, features pieces of art that uniquely blend the painting talents of Aaron Grayum with the sculpting talents of wife Michelle, all on the same canvases. The couple, who have shared show spaces before, have never worked together this closely on an entire show from start to finish.

“This show is our first collaboration where we’ve combined painting and sculpture on each and every piece of an entire exhibition,” said Michelle. “Considering that both our styles reflect a sense of childlike whimsy and that they complement each other so well, collaboration seems to be a natural step in our careers. With ‘Circus of the Umbrella,’ we are bringing together our fascinations for the real and the surreal, for faith and disbelief, and for childlike amazement wrapped in the paradox that is the circus.”

Aaron and Michelle met as art students at MTSU and have been working together in graphic design ever since, winning nearly a dozen Addy awards along the way. Aaron’s particular style of painting has been well-received in many Nashville art galleries and shows over the years. He has recently started showing nationally, including galleries in Alabama, Florida, and Chicago. Michelle, in addition to showing her sculptures in local galleries and shows, has used her sculpting talent to start a successful custom wedding cake-topper business, Zoë Tops.


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