Roots Music At It’s Finest, Cherryholmes With The Nashville Symphony

On April 18th the Grammy award winning Nashville Symphony joined neo-traditional Bluegrass family ensemble, Cherryholmes, inside the Laura Turner Concert Hall closing three nights of informal and lively Roots themed music, part of the Bank Of America Pops Series.

Under the energetic direction of resident Conductor George Schram, the orchestra opened with a selection of European folk influenced music that included an outstanding presentation of Georges Enesco’s Romanian Rhapsody. Reminiscent of traditional Gypsy music the piece led the audience on a syncopated journey through Romania’s colorful cultural landscape. Segueing into American folk based music, Shrachm surprised and impressed the audience by delivering a vocal a duet with eleven year old Jake Moor. The contrasting tones of Schram’s mature raspy voice coupled with Moor’s warm and bright timbre gave emotion and depth to their rendition of David Frost’s, “I Love This Land.” When closing the evening’s first half, Shchram offered a playful apology to Vanderbilt’s fans and alumni before exuberantly leading the orchestra in a rousing performance of “Rocky Top.”

Molly Cherryholmes arrival in front of the Nashville Symphony Orchestra announced the beginning of a remarkable and versatile performance by Cherryholmes, a four time Grammy nominated band. Joined by her sister Cia, brothers Skip and B.J. and her parents Sandy and Jere Cherryholmes, Molly took the stage first, giving the audience a preview of her fierce and driving instrumental style and beautiful voice.

First noted for their authentic Bluegrass sound, Cherryholmes is now also known as a group of innovative and able songwriters. With a talent for composing diverse songs that combine the complicated components of Jazz and Celtic music with traditional Appalachian musical elements, the Cherryholmes Band continues to creatively evolve and mature.

Delivering one the evening’s most memorable performances, Cia Cherryholmes sang “Weaver of Lies, ” an original song featured on the band’s upcoming CD, “Common Threads.” Accompanied by her sister Molly on fiddle and symphony cellist Julia Tanner, “Weaver Of Lies,” exemplifies Cia’s outstanding lyrical sophistication and her musical virtuosity.

Following their opening night performance with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra Sandy Cherryholmes stated that performing with Nashville’s prestigious Symphony was a tremendous honor. Noting that the orchestra adds a new and exciting dimension to their music, she also went on to say that “The blending of classical and acoustic, shows that downhome music can also have an artistic, beautiful side.”

On May 6th, 7th and 8th, contemporary 80’s recording artist, Christopher Cross will join the Nashville Symphony Orchestra in the next Bank Of America Pop Series program.
On June 2nd the Cherryholmes Band will release their new CD “Common Threads” at the Loveless Cafe Barn, where they will perform on “Music City Roots” a weekly radio show. The live show will also feature a performance by Bluegrass legend Ricky Skaggs.


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