Saint Lukes Community House And Y.E.S. Serving Displaced West Nashville Residents, Volunteers Needed

The St. Luke Youth Encouragement Services Center is partnering with St. Luke’s Community Center in efforts to provide relief to the many families that are suffering from the flood damage in West Nashville. Plans are being made on an ongoing basis to respond to the many needs.

Meals Served: Beginning tonight, Tuesday May 4th through Sunday, May 5th the Y.E.S Center will be the host site for meals for an estimated 300-800 people. I am asking each Board member and staff to contact their churches, work places and other contacts in an appeal to enlist volunteers to serve and clean-up during these meal times. Contact David Estes at (615) 587-6282 mobile with your volunteer information in order for him to coordinate with the St. Luke’s Community Staff.
– Serving slots needed: Volunteers are needed at the Center from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm for lunch and 5:00 to 8pm for dinner. The most needed time will be the supper meal times. Tues 4th – Dinner; Wed 5th – Lunch & Dinner; Thur 6th – Lunch & Dinner; Fri 7th – Lunch & Dinner; Sat 8th – Lunch & Dinner; Sun 9th – Lunch & Dinner.
– Food & Snacks: Along with food (pre-cooked, ready to serve) snack bars, etc. are needed. Also, they will provide breakfast items during the supper serving (bananas, cereal bars, etc.)

Community involvement: If you have contacts with local restaurants or other food suppliers who can “sponsor” a meal or provide food items for the families please enlist their help now.

Shower Times: Y.E.S. will also make the showers at the Center available before and after the feeding times for families. Towels, toiletry items (toilet paper, soap, shampoo, tooth brushes/paste, etc.) are needed.

Other items needed: Cleaning supplies, bottled water, Walmart/Target, restaurant or other gift cards, diapers/pull-ups and wipes for babies

In addition to the above, the Red Cross, counseling help, and the Health Department will be involved in the efforts.


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