Words From My Friend Geneologist and Bellevue Exchange Member, Bob Allen

For many years, this Shoney’s located on Highway 70 South was home to the Bellevue Exchange Club
Photo courtesy Chip Curley, Mary 3, 2010

Middle Tennessee History & Genealogy Enthusiasts,

Bellevue Recovery and Cleanup

Wow! At 6 am last Saturday when the Bellevue Exchange Club and Bellevue Chamber of Commerce were poised to begin their 3rd Annual Cleanup Day we had no idea that the day’s washout and cancellation of events and activities would lead to Bellevue’s most massive rescue, recovery, and cleanup in history. Bellevue (and all of middle Tennessee) has been beaten and battered by mother nature and the Floods of 2010 will be remembered like the Blizzard of 1951 as the weather story of the century. Our children and grandchildren will be telling flood stories to their children and grandchildren for many years to come. Now that we are entering the Cleanup Phase we are gaining national recognition for volunteerism and showing our best side and the outpouring of support from everyone is astounding and to be commended. We will ultimately be fine and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected by the floods and storms.

…What we know from Mayor Dean’s office and our Bellevue leaders:

1) Nashville and surrounding areas are under a mandatory water conservation plan where we are all being asked to only use half the water we would normally use.

2) Businesses and residences may amass trash piles for “curb side” pick up by separating trash into three (3) different sections … a) consumer goods (i.e., metal appliances), b) demolition and construction waste, and c) vegetation waste (i.e., brush, limbs, etc.)

3) The owners of the Bellevue Center Mall will be opening up the old Dillard’s area as a drop-off and pick-up location for clothes and supplies. The location will also have large roll-off trash bins.

4) There is going to be a Bellevue community meeting in the auditorium of Bellevue Middle School at 7 am on Thursday, May 6th with more information.

5) A number of organizations in the Bellevue community are reaching out to those in need and … you may call me at 218-4580 or email me at rvallen@comcast.net representing the Bellevue Exchange Club or Tonya Robbins at 662-2737 or email info@thebellevuechamber.com representing the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce.

6) AT&T authorities are working diligently to replace the Bellevue phone transmission equipment that was destroyed and, hopefully, phone service to the Bellevue area will be restored by the weekend. Cell phone service is still sketchy and is gradually being improved. NES officials have indicated that all power to Bellevue residents should be restored within the week or so.

7) The Bellevue Baptist Church on Hwy 70 is offering 3-day food packages and other critical items.

8) An information center is being set up at the Bellevue Community Center on Collice Jeanne Road (between Red Caboose Park and the Fire Station) and will be in operation from noon to 8 pm.


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