Tennessee Titans Lose to Redskins in OT (But Vince Young Loses More than Game)

Vince Young– Before The Drama
By Chris Lambos

The 5-Year Vince Young experiment might be coming to an end. The so-called Titans ‘quarterback of the future’ gambled with his NFL future in today’s 19-16 OT loss to the Washington Redskins in Nashville.

What happened?

Take one less than mature QB – Add a more than peevish crowd; a first possession turnover; a thumb with a torn flexor tendon and you have all the makings of a ‘Mid-Fall Meltdown’ the size of Texas:

First, Young addressed the onslaught of ‘booing’ fans by motioning with his hands to them as to ‘bring it on!’…then there was supposedly some gesture to the ear hole of the helmet encouraging them to boo with more volume.

Secondly, Young injured his thumb at the 3:55 mark of the third quarter on a pass play to Nate Washington for 37 yards. He was replaced by third stringer Rusty Smith, a rookie out of Florida Atlantic University (Kerry Collins is still nursing a strained calf muscle and was unavailable)

Then, Young was expecting to come back in the OT but Fisher stuck with the rookie Smith. It is reported that Young became angered with the Coach’s decision. But according to Coach Fisher, Young never came up to him to say that he was good to go in.

But whether it be miscommunication or something deeper, there is absolutely no excuse that justifies what Vince Young is guilty of doing at the end of the game: Slinging his jersey and shoulder pads into the crowd.

Fisher was not happy about Young’s display when asked to comment on it during the post-game press conference. “I am very disappointed. I think his teammates are disappointed. You know, there is going to be frustration in losses. There is going to be, you know, there are times when you have to dig deep and fight and turn to one another. I don’t think you run and so I am disappointed.” said Fisher

Fisher also made it known that Vince Young was not the starting quarterback, whether he requires surgery on his thumb or not.

The Titans (5-5) have now lost two games that they were expected to win. Considering Washington was plagued with eight injuries during the game (I saw a water boy warming up on the sidelines). This game should have never been close.

For the record, Young posted typical VY numbers with his completion rate a little better than usual. His final tally was 12 of 16 for 165 yards, 0 TDs and 0 Ints. His best pass might have been his last one.

Rusty Smith threw 3 of 9 for 62 yards and 1 Int. He did heave a nice long ball to Randy Moss that appeared to be a touchdown but Moss was flagged for pushing off.

Randy Moss was quiet again (0 catches) in his second week as Titans QBs looked at other targets. Nate Washington led all receivers with 5 catches for 117 yards.

Chris Johnson rushed for over 100 yards as the presence of Moss continues to give a boost his running game. CJ finished with 130 yards on 21 carries and 0 TDs.

The defense struggled to put any consistent pressure on Donovan McNabb. It seemed like they were one step or a half-step away from making big plays in the backfield. McNabb was usually able to find an open tight end for 20 yards here and 30 yards there – especially on third downs. Veteran TE Chris Cooley made 7 catches for 91 yards but Santana Moss led all Redskin receivers with 6 receptions for 106 yards and a first quarter TD.

Like I said, this game could have been won but the defense committed some real bonehead penalties during OT that all but put the Redskins in FG range. First of the penalties was an unnecessary roughness call on Jason Babin on the Washington 27 yard line. The second was a roughing the passer call on Will Witherspoon on the Washington 42 yard line which made it 1st and 10 Washington on the Titans 43 yard line.

After missing a game winning 47-yard FG in regulation, Washington K Graham Gano booted a 48 yarder to finish off the Titans.

Next week, we will most likely see some drama…hopefully no Police calls to the Young household. But as the week unwinds, you can probably expect some changes other than the QB position…maybe some changes on the defensive side of the ball will be made. Let’s hope Rusty Smith catches on to the speed of the NFL game fairly quickly as the team prepares for a visit to Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas to play an important Divisional game with the (4-6) Texans.

What Did We Learn From This Game?There is one thing Bud Adams likes more than Texas Orange – Tennessee Green.
Expect a change before Titans Boos create Fiscal Blues.


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