Tennessee Titans Lay Goose Egg for Houston Texans in 20-0 Loss

Tennessee Titans quarterback Rusty Smith (11) is sacked by Houston Texans defensive end Mario Williams.

By Chris Lambos

Some London sorts might refer to it as a ‘Sweet Fanny Adams’ after a scoreless Rugby match…but when the home team at Reliant Stadium pitches one to a visiting football team known as the Tennessee Titans, the Harris County translation may very well be ‘Sweet Buddy Adams’.

This is ugly and absolutely no fun to write about. The Titans were held scoreless. I repeat, “Scoreless”. You know, NFL players train, condition and get paid to score points on a football field and our guys make it seem impossible. Makes you now sympathize with the neutered dog next door.

The last time this happened to a Tennessee Titans football team, we have to go way back to… No, not 1969…not ’79 or ’89. No, we must journey all the way back to 2009. That’s right – just when you thought that last season’s Foxborough Massacre changed the course of Tennessee football history for the better, the dreaded goose egg rears it’s ugly head. The fact that it was handed to us by a 4-6 team reminds us all that we are closer to mediocrity than denial allows us to ascertain.

“Injuries on defense…insult on offense”. I heard that after the game and it’s sticking with me, folks!

I’m not here to complain about injuries…that’s part of the game. But somebody has got to give me a halfway reasonable excuse as to why we stuck with Rusty Smith for four quarters of football? The rookie out of Florida Atlantic generated a whopping 26.7 passer rating for the game, completing 17 of 31 passes for 138 yards and 3 interceptions. Don’t you think Simms could have done better? A hobbling Collins surely could have done better. This wasn’t the Purple People Eaters or the Steel Curtain we were facing today – this Texan unit was ranked 31 in the NFL going into today’s contest. Every offensive unit that has lined up across from them this season has scored 24 points of more.

We managed only 54 yards of total offense by halftime. For the game, the Titans tallied 162 total yards versus the Texan’s 346.

Chris Johnson had his worst performance of his career rushing for negative yards (7 rushes for 5 yards).

For the Texans, Tennessee Vol standout Arian Foster rushed for 143 yards on 30 carries. He also led all Texans receivers with 9 catches for 75 yards.

The low point of the game came when Titans S Courtland Finnegan and Texans WR Andre Johnson began to rip each other’s helmets off and exchange blows resulting with both players being ejected.

Stop there!

What Have We Learned From This Game?

1) I write 30% less when the Titans lose games they should win, but I write 50% less when they get shut out by 4-6 teams.

2) The Titans are doing everything well accept playing football. After the past two games, I wondered if I should be writing team recaps for this blog or team scripts for Reality TV. I mean, there is so much drama around this team, I hear TMZ now has a Titans beat writer.

One day (if not today), this organization is going to get serious about football. It starts at the top and works itself down to the players on the bench. Change comes after shutouts…will it be lasting change? Or do we need to start bracing ourselves for next season’s ‘Sweet Buddy’?


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