Sports Writer Chris Lambos Ready For The New Season and To Cover The Tennessee Titans

Our favorite sports writer, Nashville’s own Chris Lambos, is sharpening his pen and honing his wit as he prepares to cover the Tennessee Titan’s this year.

On September 11 the Titans will open their new season when they face the Jaguars in Jacksonville in what promises to be an exciting match up. Following the game Chris Lambos will report to us and post his thoughts on the game here. Until that time Nashville Past and Present will be sharing excerpts taken from some of his most memorable commentaries. We know you will enjoy them.

Titans Week 12 November 28, 2010 Houston 20 Titans 0

The Titans are doing everything well accept playing football. After the past two games, I wondered if I should be writing team recaps for this blog or team scripts for Reality TV. I mean, there is so much drama around this team, I hear TMZ now has a beat writer. ”


Check back on Monday to read another quote gleaned from the sports archives of columnist Chris Lambos


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