Election Day 2012

Election Day has finally arrived!

I used to plan my day around going to the polls on Election Day, but today it will be business as usual for me because, like so many other voters in this election, I voted early.

The choice to vote early was simply a matter of convenience.  I voted at a neighborhood community center about two weeks ago.  I didn’t have to wait in line or rush on my lunch break. I just walked in, showed my state identification card and electronically cast my ballot.

I remember a time when Election Day was special.  It was the only day that voters could go to the polls and they waited in line, sometimes for hours, to perform their civic duty.

I even voted  on November 4, 1980.  That date marks one of the most important days in my life.   Me and my husband brought our daughter home from Marywood Adoption Agency in Austin Texas that day.   Yet we still voted.  We brought our infant baby girl  home after we went to polls and voted for President Jimmy Carter.

A group of young women arrived at the early voting site as I was leaving. They were happy and  excited to vote. Seeing their excitement reminded me that there was a time when women in the United States couldn’t vote and I thought about the suffragettes  who marched and lobbied against that injustice.  They gave their daughters and granddaughters the right to vote and thanks to their hard work and sacrifice  women will have a strong voice in the election today.

I realize now that it really doesn’t really matter that I cast my vote early.  What matters is that I voted and that my voice will be heard.

Go Team Obama.  Four More Years!


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