KICKSTARTER REWARD TIER 25.00—Stump the Train Wreck Lady!!

I say that when it comes to Nashville history there is always a Dutchman’s Curve train wreck connection. Challenge me. Choose an event from Nashville’s past–up to 1918 and I will try to connect it to the train wreck. Your challenge and my response will be preserved in a permanent album on the book’s Facebook page. See if you can stump the Train Wreck Lady!

I received my first challenge today—even though my Kickstarter campaign hasn’t officially launched yet.

Is there a connection between Dutchman’s Curve and the Trail of Tears?

The Trail of Tears—the forced exile march of the Cherokee people—from Tennessee to Oklahoma was authorized by President Andrew Jackson.   Davy Crockett opposed the policy.  Both men made visits to the Belle Meade Plantation from Nashville.  Harding Road—the road from Nashville to the plantation—crosses Richland Creek near the place known as Dutchman’s Curve. Traveling that road both Andrew Jackson and Davy Crockett passed by the spot where the train wreck would later occur.

The Trail of tears and Dutchman’s Curve are tied together by the close association Andrew Jackson and Davy Crockett had with policies that lead to the forced removal  of the Cherokee people and  the proximity of their visits to Belle Meade.

It wasn’t an easy question to answer but I connected The Trail of Tears to Dutchman’s Curve.


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