George Jones—Who’s Gonna Fill YOUR Shoes?

Tonight at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, and in honky-tonks and concert halls everywhere, the music of George Jones will echo from the stage. Both friends and admirers will pay tribute to his greatness by singing his songs.

No other singer can serve up a cry in your beer song like he did and I’m home listening to the man himself. My husband was a long time fan and I still have his collection of George Jones records. Bartender Blues is spinning now. He really was the best.

Yesterday’s Wine, Grand Tour, A Drunk Can’t Be A Man and He Stopped Loving Her Today. Who’s gonna sing those songs now George? Who’s gonna fill your shoes?


New Destination for History Nerds; the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum Opens Tomorrow

My dad Lee Cross, my mom Nan Cross and my daughter Ruby at the Reagan presidential Library and museum 1994

My dad Lee Cross, my mom Nan Cross and my daughter Ruby at the Reagan presidential Library and Musuem

With all the hoopla surrounding the opening of the George W Bush Library and Museum tomorrow, I can’t help but wonder what is a presidential library exactly? I should already know what a presidential library is. My mother has been to almost all of them. Years ago she took my daughter to visit the two in California, Nixon and Reagan, and is currently making plans to visit the two Bush collections in Texas with me. According to Wikipedia a presidential library is a repository for preserving and making available the papers, records, collections and other historical materials of a former president. Since my mom is interested in pop-culture and history it’s the museum part of the library and museum that attracts her to the sites.

When the George W Bush Library and Museum opens to the public visitors like my mom will tour exhibits framed by four themes: freedom, responsibility, opportunity and compassion. The museum’s permanent exhibits include a full-sized Oval Office, a Texas Rose Garden, and a Decision Points Theater designed to take visitors “inside” the decision-making process and policies developed during the Administration of President George W Bush. The exhibit will also show artifacts from the President’s terms of office and the thousands of gifts given to him and the First Lady during their years in the White House. Among the artifacts and gifts on display is the bullhorn used by the President when speaking from atop the rubble at the site of the World Trade Center in New York City on September 14, 2001 and a hand-woven scarf presented to the First Lady by three women of the Mae La Refugee Camp on the Thai-Burma border when she toured there in 2008.

Putting personal views aside I am looking forward to visiting the George W Bush Library and Museum with my mom.The aim of the museum is “to inform, to stimulate discussion, and to encourage engagement.” Given the mood of the times that is a very good aim indeed.

My Life Is Like A Bicycle Ride

My Bike
My Ride
My Schwinn
This  morning I struggled to pedal my bike up a steep incline. I’m really out of shape. I haven’t ridden since last fall and I almost didn’t make it to the top of the hill. Years ago, when I first started riding on the Mill Creek Greenway, I mapped out the course that I followed today. The first part is mostly uphill. I have to work hard to get through it. The second part is easy. A downhill glide most of the way home. I designed the course that way on purpose. Every time I huff and puff up the hill I’m inspired to continue knowing that once I reach the top the worst of the ride is behind me. This morning, as I raced down the hill, the thought came to me. My life is like a bicycle ride. I worked hard for many years; it’s been an uphill struggle much of the time, but the pinnacle is in sight. I’ll retire in a few years and I plan to take life easy then. I plan to enjoy the ride. The best is yet to come.
My life is like a bicycle ride.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Change



This week the hosts at WordPress challenged bloggers to find and write about a photo that represents change. I accepted their challenge.
The wrecking ball came to Hillsboro Village today.  The building that once housed Cotten Music is coming down and my old neighborhood will never look the same. It will take me a while to get used to seeing a gaping hole where buildings once stood.  Later,  after construction begins, the sights, sounds and inconveniences of a construction site will greet me every time I walk by. I hope that when the new building goes up that it doesn’t diminish the character of the area, but even if it looks exactly like the buildings standing nearby  the new structure will only mimic the character and history of Hillsboro Village.
I knew this change was coming.
I just wasn’t prepared for it to really happen.

CASTING CALL: Genealogy Roadshow, National PBS Documentary Series, Calling Nashville Genealogists

Our Dawson Kin tells the history
of one branch of my family tree.  
One thing I learned researching Dutchman’s Curve, the book I am writing, is that every family has an interesting past. For more than three years I talked to the descendants of people who were either witness to or victims of the worst train wreck in U.S. history and the descendants all shared their fascinating family histories with me.
  One  descendant I interviewed is the great grandson of a man once known as “Hickman County’s youngest Confederate veteran”, the grandson of a man whose name was once listed among Tennessee’s most politically powerful men, and the son of a U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel who presided over the Dachau Trials, a military tribunal, held for Nazi war criminals inside the Dachau Concentration Camp. His family history is just one of dozens that I learned.
Have you wondered about your family history?  Do you think you are connected in some way to our nation’s rich history and folk lore? Do you have reason to believe that you are related to one of our founding fathers or a famous, or infamous, person? Is there a missing person on your family tree that you would like to find? If so, the casting directors for Genealogy Roadshow want to hear from you.
Genealogy Roadshow is an upcoming PBS documentary series. They will be in Nashville soon to reunite local families with their past and to answer their questions about their history and their lineage.
 Like the popular series Antiques Roadshow this series will have a team of experts traveling all over the country. Instead of helping people learn the history of their family heirlooms, these experts will help people learn their own family history.
 They are looking for people in Nashville and surrounding areas that have interesting family histories and want help in reuniting with long lost relatives.  For your chance to be on the show email GRSHOWCASTING1@gmail.comwith your family story by April 18th and someone from the casting department will get back with you.